Which institute is best for coaching of CSIR net life science in Delhi?

The best way to know about the best coaching for CSIR-NET Life sciences is that if you know your seniors, classmates or friends of Life sciences stream, ask this question to your seniors or classmates. They will answer your question. One of my seniors told me that Gyan Bindu Academy is the BEST for CSIR-NET Life Sciences Coaching. And he was RIGHT in every sense. At Bindu Academy, anyone would be fascinated with the STYLE OF TEACHING delivered by the Faculties. Every Lecture has equal importance and the way it delivered and presented by teachers in the classroom was just AWESOME.

And by the way, if you do not know anybody who had taken coaching from Bindu Academy, then you have to judge itself by books published by faculties of Bindu Academy for CSIR-NET Life Sciences. Again you can see that Books are really helpful for CSIR-NET Life Sciences and every topic written by FACULTIES are in accordance with the syllabus of CSIR-NET Life Sciences.

Where can I find a good online coaching for CSIR life sciences?

Over the years our education system has changed a lot. From taking classes under the tree to virtual classrooms, we have come a long way. Online coaching for CSIR NET and GATE has been a boon to many aspirants. I will divide online coaching in following two types -

Recorded Online Classes: One can easily find the video lectures freely available on YouTube and other platforms. These videos are uploaded by various coaching institutions and freelancers. If you are planning to prepare by watching these videos then you must consider the fact that these videos will be in bits and pieces. Since these are freely available, there are chances you might not get the detailed knowledge which is required to crack CSIR or GATE. I personally would not recommend to follow such sources for your preparation.

Live Online Classes - This is a game changer! Live classes are more like virtual classrooms, you can attend these classes from anywhere with the help of internet. Imagine you are taking a class from your home at the same time which is being conducted in the classroom, would not that be great? 
Gyan Bindu Academy(9870285161) is one institution that provides Classroom as well Online coaching for CSIR NET Life Sciences and GATE BT. One of the best thing about Gyan Bindu Academy(9870285161) Online Live Coaching is the two way communication system which they use. You can ask your doubts and queries to the teacher during the lecture itself. Is not it as good as classroom coaching? What makes it even better is their additional facility of Online Study Portal, where you get backup of your all lectures, presentations, e-books, class tests etc. So even if you miss out on a class or want to revise any topic, you will always have the portal for your rescue. There is not any such facility available with other institutions and hence Gyan Bindu Academy(9870285161) stands out from the rest.

How do I start preparing for iit jam biological science?

I would like to bring your attention to the point that it does not matter whether you are preparing for JAM Biotechnology or Biological Science, or even JNU/ NCBS for that matter. What matters is that you have to device a collective strategy to attempt all these exams. Their pattern may be tad bit different but overall these entrance exams are designed in such a way that all B.Sc. (Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, even PCM for that matter) can attempt these examinations.

So the basics here also remain the same:
  • Study from standard reference books and not guides.
  • Make thorough notes for yourself, right from the first year.
  • From third year, start preparing yourself for practicing MCQs. Solve question banks, papers and clock your time to finish 100–150 odd questions in 3 hours.
  • Study for Physics and Chemistry (+2 level) - If you are confident that you had thoroughly studied Physics and Chemistry during your +2, so you can start revising the content one year before the exam (which falls in February now, around 5th semester/ 3rd year). Or if not so sure, then focus on studying the concepts right from first year.

After Completion of B.Sc, Join Gyan Bindu Academy for Regular Classroom Coaching, Special Coaching for IIT JAM and Other M Sc Entrances for Biological Sciences and Biotechnology. This shall lead success in IIT JAM Examinations

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