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M.Sc Life Coaching Delhi

CSIR NET Coaching is the perfect substitute for a regular classroom for M.Sc Life Coaching program in Delhi which enables you to learn from some of the best Coaching faculty.

Duration :
The duration of the entire course will be 5 and ½ months. In this short period entire syllabus will be covered.

Library Facility :
The library at CSIR NET Coaching is extremely rich and houses a vast and comprehensive collection of books on relevant subjects. The books are made available as and when required by the students, as per the rules and regulations of the library. Apart from books some good magazines and journals are also available to the students.

How CSIR NET Coaching is different from other institutes :
This Academy is exclusively for LIFE SCIENCES. We have a team of faculty for each topic. All of them are NET-JRF & Topers qualified and aim to achieve 100 % results. 

The plus point at CSIR NET Coaching is the everyday communication between the faculty members, students and the director. The greatest plus point is that Director herself is from the LIFE SCIENCES background. She has a long experience in Teaching and Research after completing her Ph.D. from JNU, New Delhi. She is available at the Academy every day. Students are most welcome and advised to take advantage of her long experience of teaching and research as done by previous batches. 


M.Sc Life Coaching Delhi

M.Sc. Entrance Life Science Coaching Centers in Delhi was incorporated to impart quality education to students preparing for M.Sc. entrance coaching in India for various examinations. With the achievement ideals and commitment to excellence, now M.Sc. Entrance Coaching Centers in GATE/IIT Institute has taken a shape of vibrant, dynamic and responsible institute. The M.Sc. entrance coaching in our coaching center is tradition of innovation and excellence continue with quality of education that it imparts to science aspirants and its dedication & devotion towards their success in different M.Sc. entrance competitive examinations. Now M.Sc. entrance coaching stands well above the rest on a distinguished platform, as an epitome of success. M.Sc. entrance coaching in Life Science could be achieved simply by virtue of the excellent teaching methodology with tricks & techniques that M.Sc. entrance coaching in our institute by GATE/IIT Institute has evolved, developed for best results and implemented over the years.

Course Structure of Regular Classroom Program:-
  • Printed study material of each topic.
  • Includes detailed theory, solved examples and set of objective questions for practice.  
  • Assignment of each topic with solutions.
  • Previous year questions and solutions.
  • Offline Class Test
  • Free Online Test Series
  • Free doubt Classes by concerned faculty.
  • Free doubt Classes by concerned faculty.
  • Free Entry to Crash Courses

Fees (5 Month Full Time Program):-
  • The Fee for CSIR NET/GATE/TIFE/JEET/IISc is Rs. 40,000 (including GST).
  • The Fee for IIT-JAM / M.Sc Entrance is Rs.30,000 (including GST).

Winter Regular Classroom Batches:-
  • CSIR NET JEST/TIFR, GATE, IIT-JAM / M.Sc Entrance Winter Batches-
  • First Batch - 05 Jan 2019
  • Second Batch - 12 Jan 2019
  • Third Batch - 27 Jan 2019
  • Fourth Batch - 09 Feb 2019

Weekend classroom contact programme is a highly comprehensive and unique classroom programme specially designed for students who are able to attend the classes only in weekends. This programme will offers you the right mix of classes, problem solving and doubt sessions supplemented with in-depth, thoroughly revised study material. This will help you to develop comprehensive understanding of concepts and their applications. You will be given periodic tests which will be supplemented by test analysis sessions. This will not only give you a feedback but also develop the examination temperament.

Course Structure of Weekend Classroom Programs:-
  • Right mix of classes, problem solving and doubt clearing sessions.
  • Comprehensive and thoroughly revised study material.
  • Periodic tests on the latest pattern.
  • Regular feedbacks and test analysis sessions.
  • Chapter practice problems : On each chapter students will be given chapterwise practice problems for practice to have a very strong command over fundamental        concept.
  • To know Commencement of programme & Fee Details Contact Counselor.

Fees (Saturday & Sunday: 5 Months Full Time Program)
  • The Fee for CSIR NET/GATE/TIFE/JEET/IISc is Rs. 35,000 (including GST).
  • The Fee for IIT-JAM / M.Sc Entrance is Rs.28,000 (including GST).


General Biology: Taxonomy of plants and animals; pro-and eukaryotic organisms; cell organelles and their function; multicellular organization; general physiology; energy transformations; internal transport systems of plants and animals; photosynthesis; respiration; regulation of body fluids and excretory mechanisms; reproductive biology; plant and animal hormones and their action; nervous systems; animal behavior; plant and animal diseases; Mendelian genetics and heredity; basics of developmental biology; biology of populations and communities; evolution; basic principles of ecology; genesis and diversity of organisms.

Basics of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biophysics: Buffers; trace elements in biological systems; enzymes and proteins; vitamins; biological oxidations, photosynthesis; carbohydrates and lipids and their metabolism; digestion and absorption; detoxifying mechanisms; nucleic acids; nucleic acid metabolism; nature of gene and its function; genetic code; synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins; regulation of gene expression; operons. Structure of biomolecules; intra and intermolecular forces; thermodynamics and kinetics of biological systems; enzyme mechanisms and kinetics; principles of X-ray diffraction; IR- and UV- spectroscopy; analytical and biochemical techniques.

Microbiology, Cell Biology and Immunology: Classification of microorganisms and their characterization; nutrient requirement for growth; laboratory techniques in microbiology; pathogenic microorganisms and disease; applied microbiology; viruses and fungi; microbial genetics; cell theory; cell architecture; cell division; types of chromosome structure; biochemical genetics-inborn errors of metabolisms; innate and adaptive immunity, antigen antibodies; principles of processes of development.

Mathematical Sciences: Mathematical functions (algebraic, exponential, trigonometric) and their derivatives (derivatives and integrals of simple functions); permutations and combinations; basic probability and volumetric calculations.

Study Material

Study Material:-

Our Institute is proud to have the HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE in the region for over a Decade which has highly Qualified, Dedicated, Specialised & Experienced Faculty.

All the subjects are covered in the study material from foundation level to advanced level so that proper understanding of the subject is developed. Our Institute has meticulously planned and focused curriculum. Assignments and Test Series are also provided to the students for self practice. Due attention is given to objective, conceptual and numerical questions. Main Emphasis is on clarity of concept in Life Science Enterence and applications.


IIT-JAM/ M.Sc / CSIR NET Study Material includes:

  • Printed study material of each topic.
  • Includes detailed theory, solved examples and set of objective questions for practice.  
  • Assignment of each topic with solutions.
  • Previous year questions and solutions.
  • Free Online Test Series
  • Fees (One Time Payment Only):
  • The Fee for CSIR NET/GATE/TIFE/JEET/IISc is Rs. 11,000 (including GST).
  • The Fee for IIT-JAM / M.Sc Entrance is Rs.8,000 (including GST).


Books on Cell Biology


Biology by Campbell, N.A. and Reece, J. B

Biology by Raven, P.H et al

Cell and Molecular Biology by Sheeler, P and Bianchi, D.E


Books on Ecology and Environmental Management


Basics of Environmental Science by Allaby, M

Elements of Ecology by Smith, T.M. and Smith, R.C

Environmental Science by Miller, G.T

Environmental Studies Selective and Scientific Books by Mishra, A


Books on Developmental Biology and Physiology


Developmental Biology by Gilbert, S.F

Vanderas Human Physiology by Widmaier E.P., Raff, H., Strang, K.T

Biology by Campbell N.A. and Reece, J.B


Books on Developmental Biology and Physiology-Plant


Biology of Plants by Raven P.H., Evert R.F and Eichhorn S.E

Developmental Biology of Flowering Plants by Raghavan.V

Embryology of Angiosperms by Bhojwani, S.S and Bhatnagar S.P

Integrative Plant Anatomy by Dickinson W.C

Introduction to Plant Physiology by Hopkins W.G and Huner P.A


Books on Applied Biology and Biotechnology


Microbiology by Pelczar, M.J.

Molecular Biotechnology- Principles and applications of recombinant DNA by Glick, B.R. and Pasternak, J. J

Preventive and social medicine by Park, K

Recombinant DNA- Genes and Genomes by Watson, J.D., Myers, R.M., Caudy, A., Witkowski, J.K


Books on Genetics and Genomics


Concepts of Genetics by Klug W.S., Cummings M.R., Spencer C.A

Genetics - A Conceptual Approach by Pierce B.A

Genetics- A Molecular Approach by Russell P. J

Principles of Genetics by Gardner E.J., Simmons M.J., Snustad D.P


Books on Biochemistry and Immunology


Essential Immunology by Delves, P. J., Martin, S. J., Burton, D. R., Roitt, I.M

Harperas Illustrated Biochemistry by Murray, R. K., Granner, D. K., Mayes, P. A. and Rodwell, V. W

Immunology by Kindt, T. J., Goldsby, R. A., Osborne, B. A., Kuby, J

Principles of Biochemistry by Nelson, D. L., Cox, M. M. and Lehninger, A.L

W.H. Freeman and Company.


Books on Bioinformatics


Bioinformatics: Principles and Applications by Ghosh Z. and Bibekanand M

Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics by Pevsner J

Discovering Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics by Campbell A. M., Heyer L. J


Books on Biodiversity in Plants


Biology by Raven P.H

Botany - An Introduction to Plant Biology by Mauseth, J. D

Economic Botany: In the Tropics by Kochhar, S.L

Plant Systematics: Theory and Practice by Singh .G


Books on Biodiversity in Animals


Biology by Campbell & Reece

Invertebrate Zoology- A functional Evolutionary Approach by Ruppert, Fox and Barnes

Invertebrate Zoology by Barnes, R.D

Vertebrates Comparative Anatomy - Function and Evolution by Kardong


Books on Molecular Biology


The Cell: A molecular approach by Cooper, G.M., Hausman, R.E

Concepts of Genetics by Klug, W.S., Cummings, M.R., Spencer, C.A

Genetics- A Molecular Approach by Russell, P. J

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Study material for CSIR / JRF / NET, consisting of a set of section A,B & C, 14 books, including offline and online test series with classroom test (mock test also), priced at Rs. 11,000/- FREE DELIVERY


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